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Workshops - 2016

Intermediate / Advanced Waltz – Sat am and Sunday am

Gaye Fifer and Wayne Albright teach waltz at all levels at dance camps and weekends all over the country. Two instructional workshops, plus leisurely waltzing before breakfast. Their comprehensive and extremely helpful website is at


Techo-Contra – Friday, late night, after the evening dance

Get your glow-in-the-dark self ready for Brian Hamshar calling to great techno-mix.


Cross Cultural Contras – Sat am

Contras with an English accent. Sue Rosen with Frost and Fire.


Challenging Contras – Sat am

Now that you're awake, George Marshall has some mind-benders for you. We're not in Kansas anymore. Pete's Posse will blow the house down (or do we mean up?).


English Country Dancing (ECD) – 4 sessions: Sat am, Sat pm, Sat evening, Sun am

ECD is boisterous, elegant, silly, intricate, lyrical and bouncy, sometimes simultaneously. Melissa's ECD workshops are intended to be particularly contra-friendly, emphasizing both the similarities and differences between contra and ECD. Wonderful music for the am sessions and the early Saturday evening English dance (7:30-9) by Frost and Fire, and Saturday afternoon by Triple Helix.
All of the above:


Hambo – Sat am

If you have always had to "sit out" this dance, frequently played at the top of the second half, here's a workshop to get you started. Ted and Lynn will review the basics for beginners, and offer style pointers for more experienced dancers.


Modern Contra Classics – Sat pm

Sue Rosen and Pete's Posse will re-introduce you to the contras we all love – chestnuts to be.


What a Hook Contras – Sat pm

A selection of dances with one or more unusual moves. George Marshall with Pete's Posse.


Dutch Crossing – Sat pm

Gaye Fifer will weave you through the complex interlocking patterns of this dance, which generates a transcendent sense of accomplishment and community. We'll have a sign-up sheet in the Dining Hall, as this dance requires sets of 16 dancers.


Botany/Plant Walk – Sat pm

Aaron Marcus, botanist for the state of Vermont and the Green Mountain National Forest, will introduce you to our green Timber Ridge neighbors, from the tallest trees to the smallest mosses, in a short walk around the property.


FootSore – Sat pm

Camp doctor Susan Schmitt will teach you about the 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles and tendons in your poor feet. Meeting place TBA.


Powers of Attorney – Sat pm

April Blum, former estate planning paralegal, will discuss Powers of Attorney – what they are, how they work, and why you need them. And you DO need them. Meet at the Dining Hall.


Fluid Drive Contras – Sun am

Did you stay up too late Saturday night? Slide into the day with these smoothies and life is good. George Marshall with Pete's Posse.


Ragtime Tango – Sun am

Early in the 20th century, ragtime music was the rage, and new dance forms were created to match that irresistible rhythm. Tango, imported from Buenos Aires, was immediately influenced by the fox trot, one-step, turkey trot, grizzly bear, and more, and Ragtime Tango became a distinct dance style. Ted Hodapp and Lynn Baumeister will teach you the components and show you how to mix and match them.


Choreography – write-a-dance – Sun am

What makes a contra dance good? How do you create one (rather than still another ho-hum dance)? Sue Rosen leads this workshop.