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Workshops - 2017

Intermediate / Advanced Waltz – Sat am and Sunday am

Gaye Fifer and Wayne Albright teach waltz at all levels at dance camps and weekends all over the country. Two instructional workshops, plus leisurely waltzing before breakfast. Teaching level will be determined by Gaye and Wayne. Their comprehensive and extremely helpful website is at


Techo-Contra – Friday, late night, after the evening dance

Get your glow-in-the-dark self ready for Brian Hamshar calling to Buddy System.


Zing in Your Swing Contras – Sat am

Variations and flourishes on standard swings. Bob Isaacs with Frog Hammer.


Cross Cultural Contras – Sat am

Now that you're awake, Gaye Fifer calls contras with a slight English accent -- dances with Mad Robins and poussettes, proper dances and more -- music by Buddy System.


English Country Dancing (ECD) – 4 sessions: Sat am, Sat pm, Sat evening, Sun am

ECD is boisterous, elegant, silly, intricate, lyrical and bouncy, sometimes simultaneously. Melissa's ECD workshops are intended to be particularly contra-friendly, emphasizing both the similarities and differences between contra and ECD. Wonderful music for all sessions,including the Saturday evening English dance (7:30-9:00) by Old World Charm School.
All of the above:


Challenging Contras – Sat pm

Gaye and Frog Hammer will give you a chance to raise your skill level.


Wreck Tangles – Sat pm

Squares and more. Bob Isaacs with Frog Hammer.


Dutch Crossing – Sat pm

Gaye Fifer will weave you through the complex interlocking patterns of this dance, which generates a transcendent sense of accomplishment and community. We'll have a sign-up sheet in the Dining Hall, as this dance requires sets of 16 dancers.


French Bal Folk – Sat pm

French folk dance uses simple footwork and delightful music. Susan Kevra with Old World Charm School.


The Big Dipper – Sat pm

Steven Roth will lead this workshop on how, when, and whom to dip.


Powers of Attorney – Sat pm

April Blum, former estate planning paralegal, will discuss Powers of Attorney – what they are, how they work, and why you need them. And you DO need them. Meet at the Dining Hall.


Wacky Contras – Sun am

Did you stay up too late Saturday night? Bob Isaacs will help you slide into the day with these off-the-wall contras. With Old World Charm School.


Challenging Contras – Sun am

Now that you're almost awake, some mental gymnastics. Bob with Frog Hammer.