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Musicians - 2016

Pete's Posse         Listen on YouTube
Their YouTube Channel

Pete's Posse (Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon and Tristan Henderson) features tight fiddle harmony over driving guitar and pounding footwork -- with mandolin, clawhammer banjo, keyboard, jaw harp, and sweet vocals. Here's a clip featuring double foot percussion:
Get more info at:

Frost and Fire     Listen on YouTube

Frost and Fire personnel are Aaron Marcus on piano, concertina, banjo and vocals; Hollis Easter on flute, bagpipes, whistle, guitar, mandolin and vocals; Peter Macfarlane on fiddle, low whistle and vocals; and Viveka Fox on fiddle, bodhran and djembe. Exuberant energy, classical chops, phenomenal fiddles, wonderful whistles. This video was taken as Bob Isaacs called a beautiful grid square at the Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom: If you fast forward to 7:40, you'll hear the pipes come in (and the dancers' reaction). Learn more at:

Triple Helix     Listen on YouTube

Triple Helix Since 2010, FootFall Dance Weekend has showcased a local (i.e., from the greater Washington, DC area) band, and this year we are pleased to welcome Triple Helix, featuring Alexander Mitchell on fiddle, Keith Gillis on guitar, and Colleen Reed on flute and sax. Here's a YouTube video taken at the Silver Spring, Maryland dance (with FootFall organizer April Blum calling):

Sound Engineer

Sound for FootFall 2016 is by the fabulous Jamie Platt, Dancing Planet Productions, aka The Sound Guy.