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Musicians - 2017

Frog Hammer

A Washington DC favorite, Frog Hammer (Jim Besser, Dave Casserly, Bob Collins, Glyn Collinson, Michael Ferguson, Andrew Marcus) is a turbo-charged, super-high-energy English ceilidh and contra band. Trad tunes updated and upended, new tunes with a twist, kick-brass horns -- guaranteed to get you airborne. Here's a clip (this was at the 2016 Halloween dance) featuring caller Gaye Fifer:
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Buddy System

Since they started performing together in 2014, Buddy System (Noah VanNorstrand on fiddle, mandolin and foot percussion; Julie Vallimont on piano, accordion and jawharp) have played for dancers in more than twenty states. Equally adept and admirable at acoustic and electronic music, you will be amazed at how much sound two musicians can produce. Here's a clip featuring caller Bob Isaacs:
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Old World Charm School

This year's English Country Dance band is Old World Charm School (Susan Kevra, Karen Axelrod, and Rachel Bell), although they are equally good at playing contra and French balfolk. Lively ECD, passionate waltz and more -- their music strikes the desirable but delicate balance between energizing and idyllic. Here's a clip:
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Sound Engineer

Sound for FootFall 2017 is by the fabulous Jamie Platt, Dancing Planet Productions, aka The Sound Guy.