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Timber Ridge Camp

Timber Ridge Camp, owned by the Greenberg family since 1955, is a 200-acre facility, located on gentle, sloping ground in a horseshoe bend of the Cacapon River, just a few miles south of Capon Bridge and the former Buffalo Gap Camp.

There is a large indoor dining hall (meals will be served cafeteria style) with a nearby outdoor picnic area, tennis and volleyball courts, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

All cabins have showers. Some double rooms with private or semi-private baths may be available. No smoking is permitted in any camp building; no pets are permitted.

In 2006 the camp owners installed a sprung hardwood sport floor in the gym, which is where the evening dances will be held. The nearby Playhouse includes another sizeable dance floor, and a smaller dance floor and place for after-dance snacks, called the Canteen. To improve the danceability of the Playhouse floor, we install a type of temporary flooring used by touring professional dance companies (Rosco Adagio Tour).

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Here is a large scale map of the camp. Here is a PDF of the camp map that prints nicely. Here is a map of just the cabins. Updated maps posted on 8/21/2014.

Here are a few pictures of Timber Ridge camp: dancing in the gym, 4 cabin interiors, the pool, the A-Frame.

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